Space Shuttle Tampon Overload, Venus Atmospheric Drones, The Most Distant Galaxy EVER and More!

This week Laura and I discuss NASA overloading Sally Ride with feminine hygiene, Grumman’s VAMP concept describing a drone flying on Venus for a year, the most distant galaxy ever observed, the latest news on the bright spots on Ceres and a whole lot more. As ever, feel free to comment, contact us at if you have any feedback, questions and suchlike, and enjoy the show!

Listen below

Sally Ride

This week’s links

Sally Ride overloaded with tampons

Grumman VAMP mission to fly a drone on Venus for a year

Ceres’ two white spots become ten

The most distant Galaxy ever observed

Rocks balancing on comet 67-P

Videos (makes sense when you listen to the podcast)


Kryten wishes Kochanski a fantastic period on Red Dwarf



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