Solar Sails, John Glenn vs Creationist Loonie, Cleo Loi Discovers Plasma Tubes & Leonard Nimoy gets an Asteroid!

In this week’s show Laura and I talk about Bill Nye’s successful solar sail test mission, Ken Ham (creationist nut case) attacks Mercury Seven legend John Glenn, Pluto’s tumbling moons, Hydra and Nix, Leonard Nimoy’s asteroid and Laura tells us about the bizarre memory experiment that has thrown psychology a curve ball. As ever, email questions, comments and compliments to Don’t forget to subscribe via iTunes and/or Stitcher.

Listen below

This week’s links

Successful test of light sails

Creationist makes a fool of himself attacking John Glenn

Cleo Loi makes remarkable discovery of giant plasma tubes over the planet

Pluto’s tumbling moons, Hydra and Nix

Leonard Nimoy is immortalised in the asteroid belt

This week’s photos

Plasma Tubes:

Source: IO9

Pluto’s moons:

Source: NASA

4864 Nimoy:

Source: Stellarium

This week’s videos

Bill Nye debates Ken Ham:


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