A Ringing Universe, a Pyramid on Ceres Plus News From New Horizons, Rosetta and Stunning Shots From Cassini!


This week, in a planetary science-flavoured episode, Laura and I talk about whether the universe is ringing, an ultraviolet surprise in the coma of of comet 67-P-Churyumov/Gerasimenko as discovered by Rosetta, the latest images from Cassini, DAWN spots a pyramid on Ceres, New Horizons brings us news of methane on Pluto and Laura talks us through depression and the hippocampus in the brain, and the trouble with siblings. Enjoy!

As usual, feel free to comment and if you have any questions, comments or criticisms you can email both of us on adam@astronomeradam.com

Listen below


Adam’s links

Is the universe ringing?

Ultraviolet study brings a surprise from ROSETTA

Cassini photographs Hyperion

Pyramid on Ceres spotted by DAWN

Methane on Pluto

Three crescent moons around Saturn

Laura’s links


Depression and the hippocampus

Photographs from this episode

Titan, Rhea and Mimas in crescent phases around Saturn:

Three crescent moons around Saturn

Titan, Rhea and Mimas photographed in their crescent phases around Saturn

Cassini’s stunning view of Hyperion:


Saturn’s strange, potato-shaped moon, Hyperion.


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