Earth 2.0, Windbots, Destructive Pulsar and the Science of Childhood Trauma

This week Laura and I discuss the recent discovery of a potential Earth analogue planet, exploring gas giant planets with wind powered robots, a pulsar that has punched a hole in its stellar disk and Laura talks us through the psychology of childhood trauma. Also, Stepphen Fry and Tensing Norgay both receive astronomical honours and NASA gives us the greatest hits from Pluto so far. You also get an insight from Adam into what it is like to be a geek in a world full of jocks. Feel free to comment, ask questions or whatever and you can email us at Don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes or Stitcher.

Listen below

Adam’s links

Earth 2.0 revealed in data from Kepler


Hole-punching pulsar

Stephen Fry gets his own asteroid

Tensing Norgay honoured on Pluto

Pluto’s greatest hits from New Horizons ***Top images – well worth a look!***

Laura’s link

The science of childhood trauma


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