Support us via Patreon

We are now accepting support via Patreon. We are aiming to significantly improve the quality of the podcast, conduct better research for you and also we would like to have guests come along to talk in depth, usually academics and scientists working in their fields right now. We would also like to produce a longer and more in depth show. We will detail all of this on the next show too.

In return for supporting us we offer exclusive goodies, content and also some real life stuff that you will love, up to and including Adam paying a visit to your house, along with his telescopes, on a day of your choosing, to deliver one of his award winning stargazing evenings for your family and friends! (UK supporters only)

We would be most appreciative of any and all support because it not only allows us to do an even better show for you, but it also recognises the (currently unpaid) work we do to put this show out there. Including research, production and admin Laura and I each put around a days’ work at least into the show for free at present, so one can only imagine how good it will be when we are able to invest money in the show, both for better equipment and for better sourced and better researched content.

Every supporter will get a shout out on the show and the benefits increase with the level of support you can offer – all detailed on the Patreon page.

If you wish to get stuck in and pitch us a few pennies or more then go here to our Patreon Page. Thanks in advance to all those who invest in the show.


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